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NIRX Block Payment Systems Nigeria Limited (“NIRX” or “NairaX”) is a limited company formally incorporated in 2017 under RC-2903759. NairaX is wholly owned by NIRX Block Payment Systems, with backing and limited support from financial bodies in Nigeria. An appreciable quantity of NIRX assets are managed and housed in the company’s reserves to serve as a digitally backed version of the Nigerian Naira (NGN). NIRX will be initially deployed as the primary currency for completing transactions on our personalized eCommerce platform & subsequently on other popular platforms. This way we provide utility for the NairaX asset “NIRX” and organically push for its full relevance in global FinTech.


Why NairaX Project

NairaX as a company is introducing an entirely new super-functional model into the eCommerce marketplace, to foster its mass adoption in other fintech based sectors of the world. We will also thrive in the competitive market by ensuring business transactions are trustless and most importantly; feeless. However, for all value-added services (VAT) on NairaX’s patent platform, transaction fees will be redeemable with NIRX coin.

Benefits of NairaX

NairaX will be beneficial for Online Payments, Merchants, Staking, Exchanges and so many other uses.


Online Payments






POS (Proof of Stake)


NairaX token sale is configured to receive payments in either Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin OR Nigerian Naira. Our sales app is compatible with third-party services wallets and provides an easy-to-use interface.

Token Distribution is to be anchored ONLY after ICO. Our AI software keeps track of information retrieved from all customers that participated. We will use this information to distribute all coins to their respective wallets

Coin Name

Naira X Token

Coin Symbol




Total Supply

10,000,000,000 NIRX

ICO Start Date

31st August 2019

NairaX Distribution Chart


Our Roadmap RoadMap

NIRX roadmap will help you track the future plan of our project.

Feb 2017

Nairax Project Centralization
Brand conceptualization and data mining

Nov - Mar 2017-18

Market Evaluation and reconnaissancesurvey by the R&D team

Jun 2019

CashDrop Campaign & Community Building

Aug 2019

PreSale ICO
Coin PreSale ICO-Sale Event I

Sep-Oct 2019

Coin IEO Sale - Sale Event II Coin Sale on Pre-Selected Exchanges

Nov 2019

Partnerships and Exchange Listing
Partnerships establishments, Exchange Listings, Custom Surveys

Feb 2020

eCommerce Platform Sub-Tests
Mobile/PC App Launch (BETA)

Aug 2020

eCommerce Platform Launch
Mobile/PC App Launch
Integration to regional eCommerce platforms
Blockchain SWAP

Powered by a Team Team

The NairaX Team combines passion, industry experise & proven record in fintech, development, commerce & marketing.

Stanley Abor
Abor Tobechukwu
Onyemakonor Lucky
Market Research Analyst
Oluwadowole Taiye
Sales Executive
Chima Ikechukwu
CIO (Chief Information Officer)
Uche Israel
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Elfrida Obiageli A.
Sales and Business Development
Abayomi Atoyebi
Customer Relations Officer
Rabiat Mohammed
Community Relations Officer
Jane Iyamah Mkpa
Community Relations Assitant
Rubab Arshad
Project Advisor
Deepanshu Bhatt
Blockchain Advisor
Hamza Khan
ICO Advisor


Below we’ve provided a brief list of possible questions about the NIRX Project. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

NIRX or NairaX ERC-20 based backed coin serves to represent one single unit of NairaX, which is valued on a 1:1 ratio to the Nigerian Naira (NGN).

At the upcoming pre-sale, any country will be able to purchase NIRX at a discounted rate. At the post-presale OR Crowdsale, only pre-selected countries will be able to purchase NIRX assets.

Yes, our company is working towards being able to re-buy NIRX coin from traders, sellers and investors who wish to sell their coins to the company.

NIRX POS system allows NIRX coin holders earn more coins by staking NIRX on the NairaX Platform. This feature will be enabled on our own blockchain infrascruture when we have swapped.

Yes, NIRX will be listed on stable exchanges after the CrowdSale.

Yes, NairaX will host an airdrop campaign and it will be available to all countries to fairly participate with. Every qualified member will receive their reserved coins right after ICO.

NIRX assets aren’t mineable but can be staked to earn more coins.

This term refers to all forms of paper currencies that aren’t cryptocurrencies.

Yes, NairaX (NIRX) is a registered company in Nigeria on RC-2903759, located in Lagos State. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this website.

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